2020 Great Giveaway Instructions

Grain Valley High School Band Fundraiser

Student/Parent Sales Instructions

  • What is the fundraiser? – There are 3 prizes to raffle: 
    1. Elms Hotel & Spa Overnight & Spa package – $600 value
    2. MacBook Pro bundle- $500+ Value
    3. FlipSwitch VR – 4 person gaming pass-$120 value 

Details for prizes are located on the official giveaway page.

  • How much are the raffle tickets? – $10.00 each.
  • Who does the money benefit? – The GVME! Money goes into the general fund, which helps keep costs low for ALL members. Any tickets sold beyond the first five will go into individual student accounts!!
  • When is the drawing?  – Saturday, October 17th  
  • Who can buy the raffle tickets? – Must be 18 years or older.  Purchaser does not have to be present to win.
  • Name on ticket must be 18 or older.
  • Where do I direct questions?

Mindy Stokes Director of Revenue, revenue@gvbpa.net

  • When can I sell my tickets? Now through October 17
  • How do I sell Tickets? All tickets will be sold online this year!  Here is the link to our Great Giveaway Online Raffle Fundraiser.  Your job is to advertise this to your friends and family.  This year they will choose which prize they are wanting to win.  When they purchase tickets, they will enter your band students’ name upon checkout.
  • When do I collect the money? – You do NOT need to collect money or tickets this year.  The drawing will be a virtual drawing online – we will announce the winners live on October 17, and post on our website! 

This is a required fundraiser for all HS Marching Band Students and HS Color Guard Students.  All students are required to sell 5 raffle tickets.  All tickets sold over the required 5 goes directly to the students charms account and can be used to pay for any current or future fees.  Any student not selling the 5 required tickets will be charged the amount of the remaining tickets to their Charms account (unless they have already opted for the fundraiser buy-out). 

Parents can check this spreadsheet to keep track of how many tickets were sold in your students name.  Totals will be updated twice a week.  Check the top line for the date/time the totals were last updated.  Send an email to Mindy Stokes Revenue@gvbpa.net with any questions.