About Us

Grain Valley Band Parents Association


Our mission is to provide unwavering support for the Grain Valley Bands program which in turn leads to our hardworking band students achieving success.
The first priority for every band parent is to attend as many events where your child is performing as possible. Our kids work extremely hard and it is our responsibility as parents to be there to recognize their effort, provide support and encourage them to succeed. Another major priority of a band parent is to get involved and volunteer time supporting our nationally-recognized band program. The Grain Valley Bands program is blessed to have some dedicated directors and supporting staff. However, it is very difficult to run a world class band program without volunteer and financial support generated through various fundraising activities.
What is the BPA?
The Band Parent Association is an organization of adults interested in supporting all aspects of the Department of Bands in Grain Valley. The focus of the boosters is the support of the music staff/students and to raise money to get the “extras” that the music programs and music staff need to have superior music education in our schools. There are two budgets that the music staff works with. The first is money from the course fee that. The second comes from money raised by the boosters. The best way for you to be informed about the “ins and outs” is to attend the BPA meetings regularly.
Who is part of the BPA organization?
Each family who has a child in the Department of Bands is considered a member of the BPA. In addition, anyone interested in music at Grain Valley Schools is highly encouraged to become active in the BPA. The BPA supports all students involved in the Department of Bands.
Why should I, as a parent, become involved with the BPA?
It takes a small army to operate an efficient band department. Many things are provided for the kids such as front ensemble moving, chaperones, medical services, meals (when on the road), etc. and it takes adults to coordinate and provide these necessities. The BPA provides emotional support and encouragement to each and every student to obtain their highest level of success. The music boosters work to defray these costs and reduce the fees that each family needs to pay towards their child’s music education. Just as the marching band is only as successful as its weakest members, the BPA are only as successful as their weakest members.
How can I become involved with the boosters?
Be proactive! With so many people if you wait to be asked, it may never happen! Parents are encouraged to sign up to help on committees such as Uniforms, Chaperones, Medical, Travel, Food, and Pit Crew to name a few. To sign up to help, log in to CHARMS and click on the calendar.