Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a wonderful way to be involved with your child during their involvement in the band program.  Below is a list of committees in which you can volunteer.

Volunteering is a rewarding.  Your level of volunteerism is at your discretion; give a little or as much as you can.  Giving can be in the form of your time, your talents, your resources, and/or financial contributions.

If you are interested in being a Committee Chairperson or a Committee Member of any of the committee opportunities below; please sign-up here.


  • Event Coordination
    • Event Coordinators collaborate with the band directors for events such as Band BBQ, Trunk or Treat, each competition, the band banquet, and the Solo and Small Ensemble competition.
  • Decorations
    • Give the Band hallway a splash of color and build excitement for the band students before events and competitions.  Decorate the band parade trailer for the GV Fair Parade.  Decorate tables for concert receptions, etc.


  • Water Committee
    • Ensure the band students are hydrated at football games, events, and competitions.
  • Allergy Committee
    • Assist with ensuring students with allergies are provide alternative food options.
  • Meal Committee
    • The students work hard and are ready to eat before and after competitions.  Assist with setting up food options for the students on competition day(s).  You can set-up, serve, and/or clean-up.
  •  Concert Committee
    • Set-up, serve, and/or clean-up reception items for immediately following concerts.  Receptions typically consist of cookies, cake, and punch immediately after concerts.


  • Pit Crew
    • Assist students loading and un-loading equipment on the trailer for competitions.  Also assist with getting the equipment on and off the competition field.
  • Prop Crew
    • Do you like to build things?  You can help build props for the show!  Prop Crew also assists with loading and un-loading the props on the trailer for competitions.  In addition, they help students with getting the props on and off the competition field.
  • Transportation
    • Do you have a CDL license?  We are always looking for drivers to join us on competitions and transport the props and band equipment to the competition location.
  • Uniform
    • Uniforms need a lot of love and care.  Help wash and mend uniforms.  Assist with student fittings.  Distribute uniforms to students for football games, parades, and competitions.


  • Communications
    • Assist the Public Relations Director with distribution of information to parents.
  • Memory Book
    • Help to design/create the next Memory Book.
  • Photography
    • Are you fond of the paparazzi?  You can take pictures of all types of student and parent events.
  • Social Media
    • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are at the heart of it and a primary method of communication.


  • Fundraising
    • Assist with coordinating our fundraising efforts.
  • Merchandising
    • Assist with allocating and distributing merchandise orders to students and parents.


  • Financial Accounting
  • Government Compliance


  • Scholarship
    • Assist with the collection of scholarship applications.  Assist with acquiring judges for the scholarship application process and coordinating the judging process.
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Alumni Affairs
    • Gather information about alumni and communicate upcoming band news.  Invite alumni to student events and competitions.
  • Trailer Committee
    • The trailer committee has many components.  You can help look for a new trailer, help design the interior of the trailer, help build the interior of the trailer, and design and or coordinate the custom wrap of the trailer.  You could also assist with fundraising campaigns, solicitations for funds, and grant writing.

If your not sure how you can contribute and one of the committees above do not seem to fit you; please reach out to ask@gvbpa.net and we can assist you in finding the right opportunity.