An update on replacing the Trailer

Over the last few months, further research has been conducted in regards to trailer replacement, internal customization, and an external wrap.  To ensure the BPA isn’t looking to replace the trailer again, in less than 15 – 20 years; a newer trailer model is desired.  The cost to replace the trailer with a newer used model will cost closer to $25,000 – $30,000.  (We have currently raised approximately $24,000.)  The location of the acquired trailer could result in additional cost associated with transport, which are unknown until a specific trailer is identified.
More recently, the Trailer Committee has been working to find a trailer that will meet the structural design needs for the interior custom build, without  sacrificing the integrity of the structure of the trailer.  Safety is our number one priority in this search.
In addition, we have been discussing the design needs of the interior of the trailer to maximize space, ensure efficient access for the students, directors, and volunteers, as well as, protect the cargo.  Research to gather ideas for the customer interior has been on-going for several months; to include seeking out other band trailer models, on-line searches, and connections through our Band Director(s).  Consultation with a local design company has taken place.  However, they expect the expense to be in the $100,000 range for their services.  Therefore, it is likely the talent and skills of our devoted parent volunteers will be needed to bring the interior of the trailer to life – with some help from some engineering schematics and some good ‘ole elbow grease.  We hope to lower the internal costs considerably by building the interior ourselves.  So far, estimates for the exterior wrap have been around $10,000 – $15,000.
In addition to the actual planning for the trailer, members of the committee have been working on a large scale Fundraising Campaign to target large businesses and organizations for donations  In addition, research for grant opportunities has been on-going with emphasis on givers who support student and music programs.
The BPA is sensitive to ‘always having it’s hand out’.  We know the trailer is a big ask of our band families.  Therefore, this summer we are targeting more regionally for donation opportunities.  Our local community will begin to see additional fundraising efforts for the trailer in the late summer.  The results of the fundraising campaigns and the grant applications will drive the timeline and the building of the final product.
With all this being said, we have had the existing trailers inspected and have budgeted for the necessary repairs to get us through one more season, if necessary.
We encourage all who are passionate about the trailer project and want to help the Trailer Committee with their efforts, please do not hesitate to contact the BPA Executive Board.  We would graciously accept any and all help!
The GVBPA Executive Board