Mulch Fundraiser 2021

We are taking orders for our mulch fundraiser.  The funds raised will go to needed items for the Grain Valley Band; Travel, maintenance of the trailers, costumes, uniform repair and cleaning, show design, music arrangement, drill preparation & prop expenses.

  • Mulch sales will run from March 1st to March 31st 2021
  • Free delivery within 5 miles of Grain Valley High School – Blue Springs, Grain Valley and Oak Grove (OG within the GV school district boundaries)
  • Delivery date is April 10th, 2021 – You do NOT need to be home for delivery
  • If you are outside of the delivery area or prefer to pickup your order, you may pick up April 10th, 2021 from 10AM to 2PM at Grain Valley High School. Please specify pickup in the “order notes” at checkout
  • Minimum order is 5 bags
  • Specify where to stack the mulch in one location in front of the house in the order notes section at checkout
  • If you have any questions,  E-mail :
Golden Cedar*Golden Cedar Mulch is the cream of the crop.  Because cedar mulch has natural oils in the wood that repel insects it’s the perfect choice for wood mulch, especially in areas where termites are common.    The cedar can gray on top over time, but an occasional light raking will bring that glorious gold color and fresh cedar scent back to the top.Espresso Brown Mulch*Colored Mulch has become our most popular mulch alternative.  It’s composed of wood chips or shredded wood that has been dyed red, brown or black color.  If you are particular about the appearance of your landscaping, colored mulch is the way to go.  The eco-safe dyes are colorfast, and can retain their color through multiple seasons.  One note about our dyed mulch, compared to some others around that allow the dye to be a way to hide the real condition of the wood.  We don’t use mulch from yard industrial waste, which can contain foreign matter you don’t want in your garden.

Pricing* – Golden Cedar: 5-15 Bags – $6.55 per bag       16-39 Bags – $6.35  per bag       Pallet=(40 Bags) – $248 per pallet
Pricing* – Espresso Brown: 5-15 Bags – $8.15 per bag       16-29 Bags – $8.05  per bag       Pallet=(30 Bags) – $231 per pallet

* Quantity Discounts will be calculated in the cart

Additional Notes

Please specify delivery instructions in the “order notes” box at checkout.

All delivery instructions should be entered from the perspective of looking at the house from the street
Example: “Right side on driveway”
We place bags in one (1) spot in the front of the house only
We recommend not placing mulch on grass as it will kill grass if left in place too long

Mulch Sales have Ended