New Trailer Needed

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The BPA desperately needs to replace the aging blue trailer used to transport the band equipment to and from competitions. The current trailer is over 30 years old and has served the band well, however due to its age and service life the cost to maintain the trailer for another season is too great, the BPA board has weighed our options carefully and with much consideration it has been decided that the repair costs do not merit keeping the current trailer in service.

Our goal is to raise an estimated $90,000.00 necessary to replace the current trailer, would like to spend as much as $30,000.00 on a relatively new used trailer itself and an additional $60,000.00 outfitting the trailer for the band equipment, as well as, doing a full trailer wrap. The wrap would serve two purposes, first it would serve to identify the band, as a source of pride at competitions. Second the wrap would allow the BPA to place the names of corporate sponsors on trailer. These sponsors help reduce the Band Fees paid by parents, our goal is to one day have enough corporate sponsorships to greatly reduce or totally fund those band fees. Placing these sponsorships prominently on our trailer allows us to “sweeten the deal” of sorts for would be sponsors.

Sample images representing what our trailer could look like.