September 2019 Band Parent Forum

Band Parent Forum September 11, 2019

General Information

  • The students as individuals and as a group are looking stronger and sounding better every day. We are in good shape and getting better everyday!
  • Remind your student to stay hydrated! They should be drinking water a full day before a warm weather rehearsal or performance.
  • Encourage your student to be aware of the weather forecast for the day of rehearsal or performance and have them dress accordingly.
  • Crowd response to the band being in the stands was positive!
  • You will see the awesome new Color Guard flags on Friday!
  • Color Guard uniforms should be arriving next week.
  • Saturday, September 21 is a Mini Camp 9 am-4 pm. Students will do a full dress rehearsal at 3:40 pm for those interested in watching.
  • Band pictures will be taken in the next couple of weeks, once CG uniforms have arrived. There will be a full band picture as well as individual pictures. More details to come.

Friday, September 13 Football Game


  • 8th grade night. 8th graders will join the GVME during pre game.
  • 5 pm call time for rehearsal. Following a quick rehearsal students can have a snack and get in their uniforms. 8th graders will arrive 5:30-6 pm. Kick off is at 7 pm, pre game march into the stadium and performance will be prior to that. Arrive by 6:30 pm to ensure you will be in the stadium for pre game, if you wish to see it.


Parent volunteers are needed and helpful.

  • Pit Crew – assists with  wheeling instruments, podiums, speakers onto the track/field area.

Band Parents Association/Parent Volunteer Needs

The BPA is super active in supporting the band. They generate funds to help keep the cost of participation low. There has been a low volunteer response this year, and all support efforts are requested and encouraged. We have roughly 180 band families so it would be nice to see more than the same 10-20 people volunteering.

This is the least political parent group Mr. B has seen and he would like to see a wider volunteer base.

When you see a request go out via email or social media it means that it is very much needed. Only commit to what you can do. The BPA will take you one hour (or even half hour!) at a time. Signing up for one event does not mean you will have to do every single event. If your schedule requires being a bit late or leaving early, that is fine.

All volunteer sign ups are listed. You can view them here and sign up.

Pit Crew – Loading/unloading trucks and trailers for competitions. Getting instruments and other gear to the field, on the field, off of the field. If you want to get a true in-the-moment experience and be able to interact and involved during performances this is the crew for you!

Hospitality – Serving hungry students meals at competitions. Another great opportunity to be behind the scenes and interacting with the students and staff. If you like getting to know the kids, seeing them face to face, and congratulating them for a job well done (while they are loading up their plates) this is the the crew for you!

Not sure where or how to volunteer, or maybe a bit shy? Reach out to the Parent Ambassadors and you can volunteer in tandem with them to get your feet wet.

Band Fees

Everyone is being asked to do everything they possibly can to pay their band fees.

  • When calculating the fees for the year a higher number of band students was taken into account. With students that move, quit, or other reasons, we have ended up with a smaller band which means less fees being collected.
  • There are more requests this year for fees to be waived, and we don’t want to turn any student away from the program.
  • There is a large number of student accounts that are significantly behind.
  • If you do not know if you still owe money, please reach out to a director. We will be reaching out to those that still owe as well.
  • The band program, like any school program, cannot continuously operate in a deficit. The District has been in discussion with the band program to make sure there are funds that will cover upcoming activities and trips.
  • Please consider what resources you may know of that could be of help to the band program. Maybe the company you work for would be able to sponsor a band student. Or a friend, family member, or acquaintance has the means to sponsor a band student. If you have potential donors please reach out to Mr. Berard or the GVBPA Board.
  • Band staff is working at keeping fees as low as possible as well as approaching everything in a fiscally responsible way. From design to staffing to travel costs.

Golden Regiment Invitational (GRI)

Saturday, October 5, 2019

This will be an all day event.

  • Mid to late morning call at GVHS for rehearsal.
  • Students will eat lunch that they provide themselves at school.
  • Uniforms on at GVHS, load buses and head to Blue Springs High School.
  • Preliminary performance is at 3:45 pm.
  • After prelim performance students will take buses back to GVHS for dinner (provided by GVBPA.)
  • Return to Blue Springs High School for finals.
  • Final performance is based on preliminary scoring. Finals start at 7 pm and go until 9:45 pm.
  • Nothing can be certain at any given competition, but an educated guess is that GVME will perform in finals somewhere between 9-9:45 pm.
  • There will be volunteer opportunities for GRI from loading and unloading trucks, pushing to the field, uniform helps, photography, and serving dinner to the students.
  • BSHS has construction going on. Please be prepared for parking to be tight and possibly a walk or shuttle ride away from the stadium.

Competition Information

  • 7 judges
    • 2 on the field (1 listening to the music, one watching the visual presentation.)
    • 2 middle of the stands to watch the entire ensemble (band) music and visual.

These judges score the performance captions and average 40 points.

    • 2 general effect judges and 1 visual judge that watch the performance as a whole and judge General Effect.

These 3 judges make up 60 points.

Bands will be scored how on this 100 point scale. The students are judged in real time as they perform. Judges will have recording devices where they will give their view on the performance. The students will hear these later and it is good to get an outside perspective to learn from.

Preliminary performances are separate from finals. Stands will be cleared after prelims and then will be re-opened for finals.

  • You will receive a detailed itinerary via email prior to each competition. The bigger the competition, the more details there are to sort out. The competition organizers send the information to Mr. Berard and then he gets it out to parents as quickly as possible.
  • There are 120 bands participating at St. Louis and Indianapolis. GVME is in good shape and sounding great, but finals are not guaranteed for any band.
  • Students need to travel with the band to the competition. For St. Louis and Indianapolis students may be released to travel HOME with their family.
    • Obtain and ALTERNATE TRANSPORTATION FORM from the Activities Office or printed off the school website.
    • Form must be turned in 2 days BEFORE the event. So, Wednesday of the week of competition.
    • After the competition you will need to physically check out your students with a director. You may be asked for your ID as it will be a hectic time and this will ensure safety for all.

At competitions and football games please keep in mind that this is a  performance and students and staff are focused on the task at hand. When students are rehearsing, entering the field for performance, sitting in the stands observing the game/competition they are still part of a performing group. This is not the time to talk, hug, give reminders or food. Please save that for meal times at competitions. If you really want to be a part of the moving band Pit Crew has a spot for you and you will be with the students.

ST. LOUIS     October 18-19

Tentative itinerary to give parents a general idea. As the date gets closer there will be more details.

  • Band will leave Friday morning. Rehearsal is at a high school local to St. Louis county.
  • Performance will be Friday evening at The Dome at America’s Center.
  • Students will go to the hotel after the preliminary performance.
  • The band will be staying in Downtown St. Louis at the Hyatt at the St. Louis Arch.
  • Midday Saturday we will know if GVME has made finals. If they have, Finals performance will be Saturday evening and the band will not depart until midnight or after, with a return time of 3 or 4 am Sunday. If they do not make finals the band will depart in the evening, with a return time of 10-11 pm Saturday. This information will be communicated in real time.

INDIANAPOLIS    October 25-27

Tentative itinerary to give parents a general idea. As the date gets closer there will be more details.

  • Band will depart for Indianapolis early Friday morning and possibly stop at the same high school in the St. Louis area for rehearsal and then continue to Indy.
  • Preliminary performance will be in the second morning block on Saturday, somewhere between 9-11 am.
  • Students will have an early wake up call on Saturday, probably 4:30 am.
  • Finals are Saturday night. If GVME does not make Finals they will still remain at the Dome to watch Finals, and then return to the hotel to sleep and depart Sunday morning.
  • The band will be staying in Plainfield, Indiana. A suburb southwest of the city center.

Great Giveaway Fundraiser

Begins Monday, September 16

  • Each student is required to sell 5 tickets. All additional ticket sales will account for a $10 credit per ticket to the student’s Charms band account. If your student fees are already paid off, this will provide a credit for any future fees.
  • Drawing will be held at the Football Game on October 11
    • Prizes: 
      • Grand Prize – 2 night stay at Chateau on the Lake in Branson that includes a gift card for an additional 2 night stay or option to use on spa and lake amenities as well as food.
      • FlipSwitch VR (Virtual Reality) 3 person pass
      • Painting session at Pinot’s Palette
      • Autographed Chief’s Football
      • Kansas City Mavericks VIP Ticket experience for 4
      • Grain Valley business gift card bundle
      • Movie and restaurant gift card bundle

Please refer to the website for a comprehensive list of all prizes.

Tickets are $10 each.

Two important requests from Mr. Berard

  1. Please consider Mr. Berard and the Band Staff as a partner in your students school work and grades. Grades are checked each week to ensure they are at the level required by the District to participate in activities. Mr. Berard will work with students and parents to make sure grades are acceptable, but please do not use your student not performing at a football game or competition as a punishment for poor grades. This punishes every kid in the program.
  2. Please inform yourself on the upcoming School Bond issue that will be voted on in February. This bond includes monies for a new Performing Arts Facility at the High School. Please research the bond and vote based on your informed choice.

One more parent information meeting tentatively Tuesday, October 8, 7 pm. We will be discussing the St. Louis and Indianapolis trips in more detail at that meeting.